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V&M J-Mag

V&M J-Mag Worm


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Soft and Durable, a quality of all V&M products and the brainchild of the 2014 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year, Jacob Powroznik, the V&M J-Mag Worm has anbig meal profile  aimed at big fish with big appetites. Great for targeting ledges on the back of a magnum shakey head, the V&M J-Mag Worm creates a  lifelike action that shivers and quivers with every tick of the rod tip. Impregnated with a heavy dose of scenting, the V&M J-Mag Worm is lethal anywhere that big fish bite a big worm. Jake Lawrence used the J-Mag Worm in Redbug and Plum apple to secure a win during the 2018 FLW Costa Series event on Barkley/KY Lakes

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