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Megabass I Slide 135

Megabass USA

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The Baby brother the the I Slide 185, the Megabass I Slide 135 offers the same amazing swimming action and 360 turn that made the I Slide 185 famous. The same attention to detail and same engineering that went into it's big brother is now in a smaller profile bait. The Megabass I Slide 135 swims with a smooth S-motion action, punctuated by sharp kick turns imparted with every twitch of the rod. Also capable of full 360-degree turns thanks to the combination of its MagHold System (pat.p.) and asymmetric weight balance design. When predators begin to follow, the I Slide 135's signature action allows it to quickly disappear from fish’s eyesight then return right in front of its face to trigger a reaction strike.

Megabass Length Weight Class
I Slide 135 5-1/4" 1-oz *See Note Below

*Tuned for slow sinking between 50-60F water temperature. Suspend rate changes with water temperature. Adjustable by replacing hook/split rings if necessary.

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