13 Fishing Concept Z Casting Reel

13 Fishing

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The Hype is finally here, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Casting Reel utilizes a proprietary, space-age polymer bushing eliminating the need for traditional ball bearings. Shattering the mold of traditional casting reel design, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Casting Reel sets a new standard in reliability and permanently ends the squeaking and corrosion that can occur over time with a technologically advanced Concept Zero Bearing, making the Concept Z an excellent choice for saltwater anglers as well.

 The 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Casting Reel feauters the famous 13 "Bulldog Drag System" putting out a whopping 22lbs of drag pressure, giving anglers the muscle to handle big fish. Utilizing the finest in premium construction, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Casting Reel is built with a Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing that stands head-and-shoulders above other reels in-terms of smooth performance.

Complete with super comfortable, contoured handle grips, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Casting Reel ensures that there is no more performance loss due to debris, no more corrosion and environmental wear, and no more noise – just smooth operation and high-performance casting. Welcome to the future…

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