3F-Fishing for Five "The Babe" Swimbait (Non Harness)


  • $17.99

To put it simple "The Babe" is the great bambino of Swimbaits. An acronym for greatest of all time. The Babe swimbait from 3F-Fishing for Five is the swimbait you have been wanting but can't get your hands on. This exact replica of the exclusive Bass Pro XPS swimmer that Steve Kennedy, Takahiro Omori, and Fred Roumbanis made famous is now at your finger tips. For the last year this project has been under code name #FFJ. This isn't just a replica it's a carbon copy that swims, feels, and looks the same as the original XPS Swimmer. It's so good it's release almost didn't happen. Tested with multiple prototypes for over a year to get the action and sink rate perfect on multiple rigging systems. In the process it helped secure multiple tournament wins and top finishes on Kentucky Lake and the TN River under the code name #FFJ. At 6" long this swimbait is an "innocent meal" that big bass love to snatch up  

2pk for 17.99

Ledge Buster Version includes ONE 3/4oz -7/0 swimbait heads tailored for the Babe 19.99






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