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6.75" Picasso School-E-Rig Junior Bait Ball


  • $16.99

The "hottest fishing tool on the bass market today" - the Picasso Junior School E Rig is handcrafted in the USA using premium American-made components. With the Junior School E Rig its all about function. This version of the rig has all the components of the original but with a smaller profile. Put fish in the boat for less money. The Picasso Junior School E-Rig is also completely Lead-Free. The fish head is constructed from impact resistant plastic - not lead. Often referred to as an umbrella-rig, the School-E-Rig is designed to resemble a school of baitfish. It can be cast and retrieved at a steady pace or allowed to fall through suspended schools of fish. Very versatile as well, it can be rigged with a wide variety of lures, including soft plastic swimbaits, grubs, jig heads and small spinnerbaits. Its design allows you to spread out the wire arms into various positions. Leaving the slightly longer wire in the middle and spreading the rest of the wire an equal distance apart is its most common configuration, but your imagination is the only limitation for the variety of techniques and lure presentations you can use. It can even be rigged with your favorite lures for bottom fishing, such as Texas-rigged worms, creature baits and jigs. For the ultimate Umbrella Rig performance Picasso highly recommends rigging with the following accessories; Picasso Smart Mouth Gamakatsu Jig Heads, Picasso Smart Mouth Mustad Jig Heads, Picasso Double Barrel Under Spins, Picasso Over and Underspins and Picasso Dummy Heads.

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