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Berkley Juke Jerkbait


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Hardbait Expert ,David Fritts helped design the new Berkley Juke Jerkbait. It offers a versatile and lively action that imitates the most life like movements of baitfish. It Combines the action of a handcrafted wooden lure with the durability of a plastic, the Berkley Juke Jerkbait features a coffin-shaped bill that enhances its darting action, while minimizing forward movement.
Crank-it, twitch-it, or troll-it, the Berkley Juke Jerkbait has a flat baitfish profile that maximizes flash and roll, which is perfect for covering water over shallow flats. Hand-tuned to run true right out of the package, the Berkley Juke Jerkbait delivers a dynamic baitfish profile that will keep a bend in your rod.  

Model Length Weight Depth 
Juke 78 3" 3/8oz 2-4ft
Juke 100 4" 11/16oz 3-5ft 
Juke 128 5" 1-5/16oz 3-6ft

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