Berkley Power Swimmer Swim Bait 3.8"- 4.3"


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Designed with input from some of the top pros on tour, the Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer features a body profile that effectively mimics a variety of baitfish and a tantalizing tail action that is irresistible to bass. The Power Swimmer is designed with a ribbed body that displaces water and causes subtle vibrations, and a large paddle tail that gives it a natural, wide swimming action. No matter how you decide to rig the Power Swimmer, Berkley has placed hook slots on both the top and bottom to easier rigging and better hooksets. As with all Powerbait products, the Powerbait Power Swimmer is infused with Berkley's legendary Powerbait formula, which releases a powerful scent and taste formula when fish bite. This formula has been proven to make fish hold on 18x longer than traditional soft plastics. Combine all this and one thing is for sure, anglers of all skill levels will appreciate the versatility and effectiveness of the Power Swimmer.

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