Booyah Zell Rowland Prank Cranking Popper


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Is it a popper or a squarebill? The Booyah “Zell Rowland” Prank Cranking Popper gis a classic designed popper, with a small square lip below it. This allows you to get the classic pop-n-stop action of a topwater popping bait, but also lets an angler retrieve it below the surface for bass that seem to be "chasing" your topwater bait. It spits, walks, and wakes like no other topwater bait of its kind. Reel it slowly and steady on the surface and you have a great wake bait as well.

Outfitted with premium hooks and a feather-dressed treble in the rear that delivers the final touch to entice strikes from wary fish, the Booyah “Zell Rowland” Prank Cranking Popper gives anglers multiple tools in one deadly package - for a whole new level of versatility.

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