Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Casting Jig

Dirty Jigs Tackle

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 the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Casting Jig was designed for anglers that wanted the perfecct deep water casting jig. Created with help from Luke Clausen and advice from anglers around the famous ledges of Kentucky Lake, this is the ultimate casting jig for the famous stroking or hopping technique .A forward-weighted head and a wire baitkeeper ensure a vertical fall, and fitted with a premium fiber weedguard that enhances weedlessnes, while still allowing for rock-solid hook sets.

Covered with a durable, high-quality finish, the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Casting Jig is outfitted with a custom 60-strand thin-cut skirt that provides the perfect balance between flare and body. Backed by a super-strong 2X strong Gamakatsu Super-Sharp hook, the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Casting Jig provides professional-grade performance that is made to cash checks.

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