Dirty Jigs Tour Level Skirted Football Jig

Dirty Jigs Tackle

  • $4.49

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If you're looking for an amazing football jig to add to your arsenal, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level Football Jig is exactly what you need. Designed for with help from Touring Pros, this Football Jig is available in an array of winning color combinations, to help anyone catch bass. Great for fishing on deep structure, dragging it through your favorite ledge, shell bed, or gravel points. It  Features a Mustad Ultra Point 60-degree Flat Eye 3X-Strong Jig Hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level Skirted Footbal Jig also includes a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper and a skirt collar designed to accept a rattle system.

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