Evergreen ZE Lipless Crankbait


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The Evergreen Zeta Lipless Crank delivers a professionally crafted with help from Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu.  Built with a unique geometric shape, the Evergreen Zeta Lipless Crank is made to slice through water and create a V-shaped wobble that emits a heavy vibration.

Internally,the Evergreen Zeta Lipless Crank, uses a combination of glass, brass, and tungsten rattles produce a symphony of tonal attraction. Precisely weighted on the inside as well, the Evergreen Zeta Lipless Crank generates long-distance casts that allow anglers to cover plenty of water with every toss.

Perfect for ripping through vegetation, yo-yoing in the depths, and sweeping over gravel flats, the Evergreen Zeta Lipless Crank stirs curiosity and triggers an aggressive response that is sure to tip the scales. 

Evergreen  Length Weight Class
Zeta 2-7/8" 3/4oz Sinking 

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