Fish Monkey Crusher Jigging Glove

Fish Monkey Crusher Jigging Glove

Fish Monkey

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The best all-around glove in your arsenal.
Ergonomic design allows for reduced hand fatigue allowing for maximum continuous pressure on your fish.
Four-way stretch, quick-dry, UPF 50 material for maximum all-day comfort.
Kevlar-reinforced material protects your hands from leader cuts and slicing.
Synthetic leather palm offers superior construction and strength with second skin dexterity.
Exposed fingers allow for knot tying, bait rigging, rod and cockpit management.
PVC non-slip grip palm and fingers allows for superior leadering, billing, gaffing and general tackle management.
Intended Use: Hand protection from cuts, fatigue and sun. Rod and line management. Wiring, gaffing and fishing handling.

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