Keitech Super Round Tungsten Jigheads-Swimbait

Keitech Super Round Tungsten Jigheads


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The Keitech Super Round Tungsten Jig Heads , are designed in japan. Providing  professional performance and tour grade quality, designed to give anglers an edge in any tournament. The popular round head with an extra slender collar never tears your worms and keeps various soft plastic baits secure. The hooks are designed with a specific bend, which increases strength and hook ups. Tungsten is significantly harder and denser than its lead counterparts, which enables the rounded head to be smaller - for less fouling. The hardness of the tungsten also enables the angler to ‘feel' the bottom better and keep the bait in the strike zone more effectively

1/16 & 3/32 - 4 per pack
1/8 & 3/16 - 3 per pack
1/4 - 2 per pack

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