Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish 2pk

Little Creeper Baits

  • $19.99

Extra Fat with Extra Wobble, a beefier version of the 6" Trash Fish. Ttwice as wide at the front end, tapering down to the width of the original at the tail. This creates a bigger presence, and the ability to move more water. The Fatty can be easily kept on the surface for a slow shallow presentation, or it can be fished at any depth if allowed to sink. It has more body wobble and actually fishes slower than the original Trash Fish. When fished on the bottom, the bait stays upright and rests on it's chin when stopped. Little Creeper recommends using a 7/0 or 8/0 weighted swimbait hook, or the Fatty can also be rigged on a jighead. Give the Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish a try, it will definitely be another solid fish catching tool in your swimbait arsenal.

Length Quantity
6" 2

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