Megabass Diving Flap Slap

Megabass USA

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The Megabass Diving Flap Slap was key to Edwin Evers 2016 Bassmasters Classic victory on Grand Lake, Oklahoma. It's designed to roll, wobble, and "slap". It is a 

flat-sided shad plug with a lip and Megabass' innovative Shaft Balancer from their Q-GO (X-95). As a result the Diving Flap Slap casts like a rock with a medium-heavy rod against strong winds. On a steady retrieve the Flap Slap will roll causing an on and off flashing. When jerked, it will, well, flap and slap. When you pause the bait, the built-in Shaft Balancer will cause a shimmy action, which will often trigger fish to strike.

Megabass Length Weight Depth Class
Diving Flap Slap 3" 3/8oz 6-7ft Floating

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