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Megabass Dog-X Diamante

Megabass USA

  • $19.99

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One of the ultimate topwater walking baits on the market! 

Born of the STW development program and carefully honed for hard-edged walking action, DOG-X DIAMANTE cuts through water with unparalleled responsiveness. Featuring a sculpted gill plate to add dimension to each turn, DIAMANTE walks with a lively commotion in calm and rough conditions alike. Designed to excel even at high speed, DIAMANTE is ideally suited to rapid deployment, searching wide areas quickly and effectively. Comes equipped with three carefully placed Gamakatsu SP-MH #5 treble hooks to capture more bites and deliver them safely.

DIAMANTE’s stress-free, dynamic walking action challenges the existing benchmark in the walking category, adding a new edge to tournament arsenal.

(Rattling Version Only In Stock)

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