MegaBass I-Slide 185

Megabass USA

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Designed with advanced engineering and superior quality control Megabass has came to the Glide Bait market with one of the best "S" motion baits in the world. The I-Slide is breathtaking to look at and even more breathtaking to watch in the water. 

It has an amazing swimming action even on a steady retrieve but drives big bass nuts when it turns 360 degrees at following bass with the twitch of the rod tip.

Built to deliver a big looping turn with a hard twitch, the Megabass I Slide 185 will momentarily dart out of the sight of predators, double-back, and then return front-and-center to complete the circle. Unlike anything bass have ever seen, the Megabass I Slide 185 is made to draw strikes from big, oftentimes more cautious bass. 

It features a magnetic hook holder system, paired with super sharp Megabass Trebles 

Megabass Length Weight Class
I-Slide 185 7-1/4" 2oz *See Note Below

*Action is dependent upon water temperature:

50°F - Slow Sinking
55.5°F- Suspending
59°F - Slow Floating
68°F - Floating

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