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Mister Twister Poc'It Hawg Raiser

Mister Twister

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Creatures baits have gained popularity as a flipping and pitching baits over the years,but now have became an important part of the experienced bass fisherman's Texas-rig, football head, and most importantly, Carolina-rig arsenals. The versatile Poc'It Hawg Raiser excels in all of these applications.

Mister Twister has incorporated two oversized Curly Tails® on longer, flexible legs, positioned fully behind the two Side Tabs. This increases action and vibration, but also allows the Side Tabs maximum range of motion and eliminates "collapsing", common to similar style lures, when the bait is moved forward quickly. Up front, there are two smaller Curly Tail® arms for added visual attraction as well as lift and glide, especially when Carolina-rigged. Plus, the body is covered with a series of Poc'it® chambers to increase water disturbance and slow its swim.

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