Osprey Talon Inline Heavy Swimbaits


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Osprey lures have some of the best looking color schemes of any swimbaits on the market.  One of the original "Western" swimbait companies.This is one of many reasons why the Osprey Talons have become a favorite among tournament anglers. The inline heavy design allows the hook to swing free of the bait when fighting fish. This helps preserve the bait and prevents fish from throwing the lure as easily. The Talons run true right out of the box and have great tail action. Generally the Talons swim about one to two feet deep; however, many anglers are removing the tin weight and inserting lead mojo weights to achieve greater depths. However you fish the Talons, they are sure to increase your catches and weights. With Osprey's amazing colors and size selection, you can find a Talon suitable for any body of water. Includes treble hook.

Osprey Talon Inline Heavy Weight Class
6" 2.1oz Sinking

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