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Owner STX-45 Zo Wire Treble


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The Owner STX-45 Zo Wire Treble Hooks is perfect for switching out stock trebles and improving your catch to land ratio with a variety of hardbaits. Featuring a 2X+ power construction and Owner’s exclusive Zo Wire, the STX-45 Treble Hooks deliver a 20% smaller diameter than standard steel wire treble hooks for unmatched strength and remarkable hook penetration. Zo Wire is also a much harder and denser material than standard steel so the Super Needle Point’s stay sharper for a longer period of time, giving you less roll overs and dull points.

The STX-45 Treble Hooks are crafted with a deep V-bend that eliminates leverage for the fish to throw the hook, and a shadow grey finish provides a slick coating, which increases hook penetration and reduces light reflections to help camouflage the hooks as well. 

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