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Owner Beast Weighted Shank Hooks w/Twist-Lock-Swimbait

Owner Beast Weighted Shank Hooks w/Twist-Lock

Owner Hooks

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The Owner Weighted Beast Hook w/ Twistlock was designed to rig oversized soft-plastic swimbaits for weedless presentation. Typically used in water 8 feet deep or less, this hook secures your swimbaits perfectly giving you a weedless presentation with a big gap for more hook ups. Great for slow rolling swimbaits around docks, laydowns, stump fields or anywhere a standard swimbait head would get hung up. Popular swimbaits for these include the Basstrix, Zoom Swimmer, and larger.

Hook Size Weight Qty
6/0 1/4oz 3pk
8/0 3/8oz 3pk
10/0 1/2oz 2pk

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