Picasso Aaron Martens Suijin Jighead

Picasso Aaron Martens Suijin Jighead


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The Picasso Aaron Martens Suijin was developed with Elite Series Pro and “scrounger” guru Aaron Martens overseeing every step. The proprietary formulation of the bill material is crItical for this type of lure to achieve its full potential based on water temp and the plastic trailer being used. The head was specially designed by Picasso Aaron Martens Suijin to insure proper cupping of the bill material to optimize the swimming/kicking action of plastic trailers. The double tapered smooth cylinder provides easy placement and keeps your soft plastic secure without tearing while the concave collar helps prevent fish from pulling them down. 

The Picasso Aaron Martens Suijin is equipped with a Gamakatsu 2X strong hook to accommodate a variety of plastic trailers from small soft plastic jerkbaits to larger straight tail swimbaits. Each pack includes 2 extra replacement bills of different thicknesses to achieve a tighter or wider swimming action for varied trailer size or water temperature.

2pk + 2 Extra Bills

Size Recommended Soft Plastic Size
1/2oz 5/0 Fat J Bill 5-6"
3/4oz 6/0 Fat J Bill 5-6"
1oz 7/0 Fat J Bill 5-7"
1oz Mag 7/0 Fat J Bill 5-7"

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