Picasso Tungsten Worm Weights


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Picasso Tungsten Worm Weights have been around since 2004. Insertless and made with 97% Tungsten, weach weight goes through QC inspection to make sure there will be no line fraying. Feel the bottom like you never have before, the density of tungsten is that much more than lead. It also allows your weight to have a much smaller profile but keep the same normal weight size you want. 

The concave bottom of the Picasso Tungsten Bullet Weights is also designed to fit soft plastics and allow for a more lifelike action, and Picasso’s super tough Duraseal coating* is ultra smooth and resists chipping for long lasting color.

1/16oz - 5 per pack
1/8oz, 3/16oz - 4 per pack
1/4oz, 5/16oz, 3/8oz - 3 per pack
1/2oz - 2 per pack

*Gunmetal finish is a non-painted, long lasting chip-proof finish that will hold up-to a "beating" and still maintain its "flat black" color.

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