Profound Outdoors Z Boss 22

Profound Outdoors

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The new Zboss 22 is a follow up to one of the hottest deep diving crankbaits in the country!
The ZBoss 22 dives a true 15-18ft and has a bigger body profile than the Zboss 20 but slightly smaller than the 25
Randy Haynes and Timmy Horton debuted the Zboss on the Tennessee River in 2015 and the it has set the ledge fishing world on fire since! Designed to dive deep and quick, the ZBoss also has less pull than many of its deep diving counter parts. A tighter wobble than many deep divers its hydrodynamic design also lets it move through the water easily. The Zboss 22s designed to reach depths of up to 25ft using 12lb test fluorocarbon.

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