Rapala BX Balsa Extreme Brat Squarebill Crankbait


  • $9.95

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New from Rapala the BX (Balsa Extreme) Squarebill Crankbait delivers an aggressive wiggle but made from super durable materials. What makes the Brat unique is the balsa inside, creating high floating and action with an outside rugged co polymer shell giving it awesome durability. Don't worry about beating this bait up on rocks, stumps, or gravel, the brat can take it.

The V style design makes this bait wiggle and tail kick, triggering bass into reaction strikes you wont get with other style square-bills.

Rapala  Length Weight Depth 
 Balsa Xtreme Brat Squarebill 03 2" 3/8oz 3ft 
 Balsa Xtreme Brat Squarebill 06 2" 3/8oz 6ft 

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