Rapala Scatter Rap Series


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The erratic Scatter Rapå¨ action perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish trying to escape a predator‰۪s attack ‰ÛÒ and the evasive action of a baitfish trying to get out of a harm‰۪s way will draw reaction strikes from all predatory species. It‰۪s the movement no predator can resist.

The Scatter Lip‰ã¢ creates the most evasive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action with directional and cadence changes that the fishing pros have always used to get the big and vary fish to bite. It‰۪s just that with the Scatter Rapå¨ you don‰۪t have to be a seasoned pro with a wide arsenal of tackle and techniques. All that‰۪s needed is steady retrieve with minor changes in the retrieve speed, and the Scatter Rapå¨ will do the catching.

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