Rat-L-Trap Super-Natural Series


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Rat-L-Trap, Rattletrap, or The Trap no matter how you spell it. It's understood that it has been the number one selling hard bait for over 25 years. This is no mishap. The Rat-L-Trap has Liv-N-Sound which produces a life-like replication of distressed baitfish that predator fish just can't resist. In fact, many people have said that a better Rat-L-Trap couldn't be made... Well.. They were wrong! These are 1/2 oz in weight and 2.5" in length.

The Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Super Natural Series was designed with some of the most realistic paint jobs on the market today. They feature realistic designs while creating a natural flash when retrieving through the water. The fish will not be able to tell this is not a real fish and they will hook themselves right up.

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