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Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver 3.50

Reaction Innovations

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The OG when it comes to beaver style baits, the Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver is the soft-plastic beaver bait. The Smallie Beaver is the little brother to the 4.20 Sweet Bever. Its' extremely popular for anglers who want to downsize their flipping bait or tip the back of their jigs with something different! What separates the Sweet Beaver from many other beaver baits on the market is the variety of color combinations. The unique design allows for a subtle fall almost gliding and spiraling down putting it right in the face of big bass. Also the beaver is great for punching grass mats because of the tight appendages to the body. Perfected by owner and successful Pro fisherman Andre Moore, the sweet beaver is the original beaver bait.

Size: 3.5"

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