Roboworm Ned Worm


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 The Roboworm Ned Worm is offeres hand poured color schemes, famous from Roboworm that Ned Rig fanatics have been cracing. The Roboworm Ned Worm features a short, fat profile that makes it ideal for rigging on any popular ned head. The flat bottom also allows it to glide with a subtle death shivering action as it falls to the bottom. Very effectively on a Ned Head, it can also be used on a  drop shot, Neko Rig, or Carolinga Rig as well. The Roboworm Ned Worm is a deadly finesse that is super versatile

Poured with Roboworm’s state-of-the-art robotic pouring system, which creates well defined colors similar to old school hand pours, but more consistent, it is also equipped with a Salt Release System that provides a burst of salt when a fish bites to make them hold on longer for better hooksets. Available in a wide range of proven fish catching colors, the Roboworm Ned Worm offers anglers a higher quality soft plastic for the Ned Rid technique. It also Floats!

Length Quantity
3" 8
4.5" 6

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