Seaguar Rippin Monofilament

Seaguar Rippin Monofilament Line


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The new Seaguar Rippin Premium Monofilament Line is thin in diameter, but is a  premium monofilament that has amazing knot and tensile strength. Strong but made to be  soft and supple with very low memory which lets it cast like a bullet. Perfect for topwater, cranks, spinnerbaits, or swimbaits. Seaguar Rippin Premium Monofilament Line also features low stretch properties that provide surer hook-sets, and its UV protection extends its high-performance qualities.

-Exceptional castability
-Remarkable strength
-Level wind technology

Line Diameter 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb
Inches .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .015
Millimeters .172 .209 .241 .264 .289 .313 .374

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