Spro BBZ-1 Rat


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Designed by west coast angler, and big bass enthusiast Bill Siemantel, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat has been a phenomena with topwater anglers across the country. It is constructed with a foam-injected plastic body that creates a fish-attracting sound as the joints hit each other as the Rat "walks" and wakes across the top of the water. You can also fish this like a normal squarebill crankbait, but the preference is to slowly wake the rat across the surface. Big Bass can't resist the rat when they are in the feeding move for a slow large meal on top of the water! This lure includes an articulating tail and includes an interchangeable tail in a contrasting color. Equipped with extra-sharp Gamakatsu® hooks.

Model Total Length Length w/ out Tail Weight Class
BBZ-1 Rat 30 6.25" 3.25" 1/2oz  Waking
BBZ-1 Rat 40 7.5" 4" 1-oz  Waking

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