Strike King KVD Popping Perch

Strike King

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Strike King KVD Popping Perch was designed by Strike King team member Todd Casteldine for almost 2 years and with the help of Kevin VanDam it hit the market in the fall of 2016. Extensive testing was done to make sure this bait was tour grade ready! From the first twitch to the last, the Strike King KVD Popping Perch’s concave mouth generates an attention-grabbing splash and a prominent chug. The Strike King KVD Popping Perch’s body was created to look like a bait fish on it's side, which was a painstaking process.Built around a perfectly matched 4/0 hook, the Strike King KVD Popping Perch features a small hole in the top of the bait, which allows air to escape, making the popping perch collapse easily one a bass latches on, improving hookup ratio.Fitted with long rubber skirting, it can be walks with a lightning-fast march to entice reaction strikes or it can be meticulously crawled to encourage lethargic predators.. 

Strike King  Length Length w. Tail Weight
Popping Perch  2.5" 5.5" 1/2oz 

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