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Triton Mike Bucca Bull Rat Swimbait

Bull Shad

  • $51.99

Triton Mike Bucca brought swimbaiting in the south to another level when he busted out the Bull Shad years ago. He followed that up with the super successful Bull Gill. Now comes the Bull Rat .It Features a beefed up, double-jointed construction, and delivers an ultra smooth swimming action across the surface, which perfectly copies a big fat rodent swimming innocently across the surface. Fish it slow and steady across the surface or burn it erratically, moving tons of water across the surface. Small twitches make it walk-the-dog, perfect for stopping next to your favorite stump or ambush point to make big bass bite!

The Bull Rat Swimbait is fitted with Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hooks and swiveling hook hangers to give anglers the upper hand when battling trophy-sized fish. It is also equipped with a replaceable rubber tail so that anglers can easily customize their Bull Rat Swimbait for the different conditions they may face on the water. Available in a range of natural colors

Model Specs Length Weight Class
Bull Rat 4.75" 2.2oz Topwater

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