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Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait


  • $16.99

The wait is over! After almost 2 years the bait designed by Evergreen Pros Brett Hite and Morizo Shimizu is now available in the USA thank to Z-man! The Jack Hammer is the bladed jig chosen by "Bladed Jig Master" Brett Hite that has put well into six figures of cash in his bank account. The Jack Hammer starts running quickly and has a natural hunting motion. Deflecting cover easily it avoids snags,  while the blade strikes the head producing a thumping sound attracting bass. With the Gamakatsu heavy wire hook, the hook up ratio is very high and it has a double wire keeper to hold your favorite soft plastic trailer. (Hite prefers the Yamamoto Zako)
The Jack Hammer also skips easily under docks with the low center of gravity fish shaped head! The blade is super thin and made out of stainless steel! It is the ultimate bladed jig! And PROVEN money bait.

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