Zoom Salty Super Fluke


  • $3.49

The most popular soft jerkbait on the market! The Zoom Fluke has been super popular with anglers for several years mainly because of how versatile this soft-jerkbait is! Dead stick it on a bed for spawning bass, work it fast in open water, or use a stop and go retrieve around shallow cover! The Zoom Fluke perfectly mimics a fleeing baitfish as it is twitched! 
Another great way to rig the Zoom Fluke is on the back of a scrounger head or vibrating jig. The tail section has a great whipping action that bass cant stand! Anglers also love throwing the Zoom Super Fluke on a Carolina-Rig out deep when bass are finicky and have seen everything else in their face! Amazing on schooling bass as well!

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