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Zoom Z-Craw


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A do-it-all bait from Zoom! The Z Craw is one of the most versatile soft-platic baits you can have in your arsenal. Jig Trailer, Flipping Bait, or even a chatterbait trailer. The Z Craw can go in and out of heavy cover with ease do to its simple design. A flat but thin body allows for excellent hook penetration, which is one reason this bait is adored by anglers who love to flip heavy cover and grass mats. Made to move plenty of water, the Zoom Z Craw features forward-facing ribs and two fluttering claws that waver with the slightest resistance, yet are subtle enough to remain believable in extra-cold water. 

Model Size Qty
Jr 3.5" 8
Standard 4.25"

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